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From Behind The Shadows

Shadow Series: Book 3


ISBN-13: 978-1073667376
Pages: 266
Print Price: $ 14.95
E-Book Price: $ 8.95


ICC Director Payton Cardina was one of the creators of Olympic Games, otherwise known as Stuxnet, to bring down Iran's enriched uranium facility in 2005. The ICC has now uncovered a plot by a terrorist group to reverse engineer and repurpose it to bring down major automated systems around the globe.

Well aware of the potential catastrophic consequences if they don't stop the attacks, Payton and her ace analyst, Alex Sheridan must identify the terrorists before they strike. Once located, will Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey's team be able to take them out before it's too late.

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Acceptable Losses

Pages: TBA
Print Price: TBA
E-Book Price: TBA


Mega developer, Jessica Lindstrom has spent half her life trying to forget her childhood and the loss of her mother. When her father dies, she is forced to return to her childhood home on Amelia Island, Florida. Jessica is determined to bury her past once and for all beneath the largest project of her career. However, her progress is hindered at every turn by a secret her father took to the grave.

Kate Callahan, owner of the local marina and an environmental advocate is holding onto a secret of her own. Seeing Jessica again after sixteen years brings painful memories to the surface. With her quiet life on the island in jeopardy, Kate gears up for the fight of her life, but soon finds that she alone holds the key to Jessica's future.

Coming July 2019    
Recent Releases
Among The Shadows Of Ghosts
Shadow Series: Book 2

ISBN-13: 978-1098939021
Pages: 250
Print Price: $14.95
E-Book Price: $8.99

As Devan and Alex begin to put their lives back together, a surprising twist in the Russia Investigation throws Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey’s world into turmoil when a ghost from nearly thirty years ago comes back to haunt her. Meanwhile, ICC Operations Director Payton Cardina finds that an old colleague with a grudge intends to ruin her career and will stop at nothing to succeed.

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The Long Journey Home

ISBN-13: 978-1094875125
Pages: 238
Print Price: $15.49
E-Book Price: $8.99

After a grizzly attack kills her partner, and leaves her with horrendous physical and emotional scars, Morgan Walker struggles to find purpose in life. Her eclectic group of friends, a Producer, a Pop Star, and a Professional Dancer keep her from falling off the deep end. It is only when a new face, Jenna Graham, joins the group that Morgan's world begins to right itself, and she learns there can be life and love after loss.

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In The Valley Of Shadows
Shadow Series: Book 1

ISBN-13: 978-1091927650
Pages: 214
Print Price: $15.95
E-Book Price: $9.99

Army Captain Devan Conner and Integrated Cyber Command intelligence analyst Alex Sheridan meet for the first time since a mission went terribly wrong two years earlier. Now they must put the past behind them to focus on a new assignment. The mission: Rescue a stranded CIA operative and deploy the latest counterterrorism software into the network of a Russian militant group.

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Accolades For In The Valley Of Shadows
Los Angeles
International Film Festival
Los Angeles Femme
International Film Festival
Diverse Voices
Screenplay Awards
Critical Reviews for In The Valley Of Shadows
In the Valley of the Shadows has an incredibly interesting concept. Not only does it offer a nice setup to an action filled story, there’s a major undercurrent that encompasses the love story that drives its two characters throughout.
- Diverse Voices
This is clever character-driven thriller that can appeal to a widespread mainstream audience. The notion of telling a Bourne-style thriller with a female protagonist is commanding enough, but add in the relationship aspect of the plot and this script breaks new ground in the genre.
- We Screen Play
In the Valley of Shadows is a well-executed spy thriller with a strong emotional core. It demonstrates a mastery of form and function, and features an engaging spy thriller which is anchored by a rich relationship dynamic between its dual protagonists.
- J McClain, ScriptReader